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Brief Introduction to Time Logger & Report Generator

Silan Liu


This application is designed for employees who are required to work for a minimum amount of hours (say 40) per week and are allowed to have flexible arrival and departure times each day, and/or generate project time sheet weekly or monthly.


It logs the time you spent on each project at the MINIMUM number of mouse clicks, shows the time you can go home every day (for example, if you had worked more hours on Monday to Wednesday, you can leave earlier in Thursday and Friday). It also generates a well-formatted HTML project time sheet (see example) for any selected weeks.


It does not require a database engine. Data are stored persistently as XML files, and processed at run time in ADO.NET’s typed dataset. It has the ability to find out any sort of missing entries (for example, you forgot to log out when you left yesterday, or did not come to work for a couple of days due to sickness or public holidays), and prompt you to fix the missing or incomplete time log entries.


·       The application appears to be an icon in the system tray. When you right-click:



To log in, click “I’m in …” or hit “Enter” on the following dialog popped up automatically at midnight. To change project, hit “Change project…”. To go home, hit “I’m leaving…”.



·       The following form will pop up at mid-night:



Hit “Enter” and it will log you in. This form is also shown when you hit “Change project”.



·       When cursor hovers over the icon:




·       To see the statistics at any time:




·       To edit the time log entries of the current or any past week:




·       To edit the time entries of a past week, or generate the time sheet of selected weeks:




·       To choose your preference or customize your time sheet:




Download the application ...

A sample of generated project time sheet ...